BUG in new desktop mode - lists are shown on the left of the screen only when they are on the tab level

hi Guys, @Mark, @david

found another bug / wierd behavior of the new desktop mode…
when I use list or tiles or cards

on a tab itself on the menu on the bottom of the app the list is opening on the left and the details screens on the right which is great.

but, when I use link to screen on a button to go to a screen and present a list there, the list is shown on the main app and when i click an item the details screen shows indtead (like the regular mobile view) instead of the list shown on the left.

see below example

Yes, you’ll only see the split list/detail view if the tab’s top-level screen is a list screen. That’s a limitation at the moment.

I see. Thank you.

any updates on this bug?