BUG with horizontal orientation when working on desktop with Tiles after converting to the new desktop view

Gi Glide team @Mark and @Jason

for some reason when working with inline list and tiles style and choosing horizontal orientation the scrolling right and left are not working anymore on PC (seems of in the mobile) but they don’t react to the mouse clicking and pulling sideways both in regular mobile view in desktop or in the new desktop view.

see below image.
this is crucial as my customer using the app i built in desktop and is now going to move to the desktop view.

Appreciate if one of you guys address this. We’re supposed to go live next week and purchase pro and the app is not working correctly from the moment I tried to activate the new desktop view.
Even though I switched back the app still doesn’t scroll left and right in the inline list

@david, @Mark, @Jason

I’ve tried to copy the app and sheet and hoped this my solve the problem but unfortunatley it didn’t. I still can’t get my tiles to work on the desktop view anymore.
in the editor everything is working as it should but in the desktop mobile view (regular view) it stopped working after I switch the old version to the new desktop view.

this is urgent as we are planned to go live next week so appreciate your quick respond here.

Should be fixed now, thanks to @Jason

hi @Mark, unfortunatley still having thhe bug. see below new gif.

if it helps, this is the link to the app but you need to be admin to or a register uesr to acrually see something. the screen I present in the gif is the 2nd tab in the hamburger menu on the top lest.

I see this in other apps which i never switch to desktop mode so I guess it’s not related to that.

see below gif for s shopping list app

Hi @Markand @Jason
Any update on this?