Massive bug with inline lists since update


I believe I have discovered an issue with inline lists but I cant confirm it as it’s an awkward one to apply testing on…

So basically, my app concept is a large database of products (over 900+ rows) and since changing over to the new layout I have noticed that all of my inline lists do not show any of the newer rows that I have added to the product list.

For example:

I have just added another 50+ rows of new products and they are not showing up on any of the inline lists however if I create a brand new inline list they will show up on this one.

I have done basic testing, for example checked filters to make sure nothing is different, checked row owners to make sure it wasn’t hiding the new listings but ultimately I do not have to want to go and recreate the inline lists as they are quite complex. (I have also created a full new inline list w/ my current filters and got the same result: New rows containing products showed up in the new list created and didnt show in old one)

I have come to the conclusion that either I have either made a newby error somewhere in my app or that something out of my control is filtering out the new data that has been input into my sheets since the new update.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated,


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Not sure if its the same but I was working to end my app while switching from inline list …ALL IS GONE…
the template I bought seems I need to buy newly ,
cannot add new rows in the main Home …
can you check please?

@Jay-333 What do your filters look like? Are you adding data in a google sheet? If you are, are you clicking on the reload button to resync the data? While the inline list is not showing the new rows, do you see them in the glide data editor?

Now it’s all back but i’m struggling on iPad views…quite difference from what being show from the gentle David, thanks for the answer


I’m trying to learn, so I apologize just in case, that being said those are my results with a platform I wanna say IMPRESSIVE which is Glide and no I didn’t touch that settings so thanks for the advice!
Update : as for webview which is not working on my ipad these are paid features , i didn’t know that is why i will go pro.

Yes, Tablet/Desktop mode is a paid Pro feature.

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Paid right now, but still this behaviour!Some are like in the builder and some are not…is there something i don’t understand or is there a bug…all tablet settings check’d thou …image|666x500

The last one which is the main one…why…its not like the others,

I think its a bug,or a choice…if you put in the inline list “the details”…the tablet builder layout …its gone, can you check if its just me ?

So basically all my work and user’s experience is ruined as it is now…very different from the builder…not very reliable.

Update 2. Now…changing my inline list back and forth betweel tiles and cards makes all full screen…but the beatiful double sided tablet view is gone, clearly its something i’m missing…maybe , but now i’ll stop getting mad a boring , just sharing my experience…

According to your screenshots, this is normal operation.
List, Tiles, Calendar, Map, Checklist & Cards style tabs are displayed on the left side and details in the center.
Pages with “Details” styles are displayed alone in the center.


This is my finding ( and thanks for the kind answer) …its a sin…because
Page with Details…are more richier ,customizable…with more elements…is there away to have components not in the details…? Details screens but not centered…or ex…tiles/cards with components ( for example an image…)because this way is not very good looking to me…i mean tiles,over cards ,over images , in the same screen ? Doesn’t seem so…and in this way it is very narrow choice

Keep in mind that the view will change based on the screen width of the device. If it’s a narrow view, then it will show the centered view. If the screen is wide enough and you have enabled and are using the tablet/desktop view, then you will have the list on the left and the details on the right. It all depends on the device and has to be able to adapt to multiple different screen sizes.

As for forcing a Details to display on the left as opposed to a centered view, it has always been my experience that you will get the left and right views if you are using one of the List Styles. If you are using a Details style for a tab, it will always be centered. Now I’m sure that won’t always be the case and will change. Based on what I’m seeing in Staging (and actually in Production as well), they are allowing for a Details Style Layout to be on the left hand side of a tablet view, but I don’t see that reflected in the published version. I’m sure they are still working on those features and the tablet view in the builder is very new and they are slowly putting the pieces in place to give us more robust features.

Glide was originally designed to create phone apps. Not to create full blown websites, so the layouts are more geared for viewing on a phone. That is slowly changing and I’m sure we’ll get there eventually. They have very big plans for this year.


I understand and i know they are working so hard but,not to have the chance to have the double side panel view such as in the builder …its a sin, by the way i can live with it…, so good work Glide , take some new features , such as a fancy audio \ video player , FONTS !!! etc etc

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Hey Manu,

A bit of topic, but what audio player / widget do you use?


Yes its a little off topic ,I do apologize…basically I have a two way approach ,
one is the Glide Player with a Title component and putting the image with the round setting ,
then in the web view I’m calling my site with an audio player took from Envato ,
but I’d like to have a Glide one with more aesthetic setting such as the image, the volume button with a slider , maybe some animation ( I’m actually thinking if I can use a gif…in the image I said above… ) .
I’m sure the Glide’s Team is working very hard and gorgeous things are coming .