Glide Apps, Desktop View

Is there a way to enable “full-width” for Glide Apps in desktop view?
I understand Glide Pages may be the solution; however, the “maps” feature is vital to my project.
It may be OK to just use the “Apps” version of my project for desktop users; however, it just looks somewhat weird that more than half of the page is empty in desktop view.

tip… use Apps instead of Pages… whole new word of CSS will open for you :wink:

I am using Apps, but the problem is, with apps, is:

User Pathway
Landing Page → App Link → Public User View (not signed in yet) → Sign In → Wait for Pin / Google Sign-In → Signed In User View → Access Signed In User Functions

With each step, there’s a new “view”, which seems like too many steps for people.
With Glides Pages, you are essentially in the same “view” and can arrive at a Landing Page, use Glide functions, see a Public User View, then Sign In without losing the same view, and then see signed-in user views… I hope I am able to express this properly.

The only thing stopping me from being able to use Glide Pages is that the Glide Team has not incorporated maps into Glide Pages for whatever reason.

Glide Apps, with the limitation mentioned above, of each step generating a new view, would work better for desktop users if the page didn’t look like an “app”, and one way to do that is by taking the entirety of the screen width in a desktop page.

Again, I am using Glide Apps at the moment, and I’m trying to make a more user-friendly experience for desktop users while also using the Glide functions. The answer would have been Glide Pages, but again, there are no maps.

I’m very confused about what are you trying to do…
let me show you an example of what you can do with an APP and no need for a sign-in, free Glide plan:

this is an actual Glide, a free plan App… using all the tricks that are shown in that app

Do you have Tablet/Desktop mode enabled, or are you talking about something else?

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I am looking for the same trick on Glide Apps.

(the right red arrow in the picture was supposed to be until the side bar :smiley: )
How do you delete the margins, making go the App full width?

Thanks a lot!

the easy way is to add /full at the end of your App URL… or you can apply some CSS and play with elements

Part of the spacing issue is dependent on the Tab Style. When I have a page that is a Details view, I have extra spacing like @Filo pointed out. But, when I have a Tiles view or Map view, the whole screen is used, which I think this is what @Island is looking for. I suggest trying out a different Tab Style and see if you can find something that works for you.