Using both Glide Apps and Glide Pages


I have a Glide app that works fine on mobile. I checked Glide Pages and would like to know if I can have Glide Pages as the desktop version and Glide Apps as the mobile version, so everyone gets the best view.

Any possibility to do this?

There isn’t an automatic way to do this, but I think you could probably build a redirect to the desktop app (the Page) based on the User Agent.

Probably buy a domain and use for the glide app and for the glide page

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Do you know of a way to do this?

It wouldn’t be in Glide itself, but rather on your own site/domain — if you had your own domains for the App and Page, you could redirect the “/full” URL to the Page instead of the desktop view of the app.

Note: I haven’t done this myself, but it should be possible using URL redirects.

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This is something I’m interested too, I hope it’s like this for now only cause pages is in beta, it needs to be an automatic process, to show the desktop (pages) version to desktop viewers