App is diferent on mobile and desktop and in builder

I added a new column, then added the new column to the “Field” component that displays values on screen.

Next, I added a button which has a workflow of actions 1) Update the new field with today’s date, 2) update the Notes sheet (different to main sheet) with a new row 3) compose an email using a template column.

All works fine while in the builder. New value displays, Note appears in the Collection component for Notes and SMS attempts to create (can’t complete on desktop of course).

I open the app on the desktop after closing the builder. The new field appears but the note does not appear in the collection.

I open the app on my mobile. The new field is not present, but the Note appears in the collection.

I have rebooted both desktop and mobile and issue persists.

Never seen an issue like this before. ANy ideas???

Do you have manual publishing switched on?

No. It’s a free plan

Things have got even more complicated now.

There were some rows missing from the glide table so I synched manually. I got a message suggesting this couldn’t happen because there was no row ID. Hmmm. All the previous rows added OK??

So I accepted Suggestion to add a row ID, But that overwrote one of the columns. Fortunately I had backed up teh dat first.

Then I deleted all rows from the google sheet and pasted the saved data. This added row ID correctly but now when I sync it only syncs 30 rows of the available 142.

Is manual publishing is a reason for different display in mobile and desktop version?

No. In what way are they different?
Glide Apps are adaptive, meaning that the layout will automatically adapt to the screen width of the device. The best example of this is containers. If you configure a container with 4 columns, they will appear side by wide in a wider (desktop) display, but will stack on top of each other in a mobile view.

Hi Darren, I did explain the difference. Missing data fields, not layout differences.

Sorry, I was replying to this question :point_down:

OK. I opened the app builder this morning and now all notes rows have synchronised. Is there a limit on how many rows synchronise in a single synch? I haven’t seen this issue before.

Anyway. That bit is resolved nut I still have a different display views between builder, desktop and described above.

Beginning to draw the conclusion Glide has become unstable.

He was asking because there was a chance the update is made in the builder environment, but not published to the live version.

Do you use Google Sheets, Glide Tables or something else? Can you attach some screenshots?

Top of screen in builder mode

Bottom of screen in builder mode

Other screens look the same now.

There is not collection display for notes because the glide table is AGAIN not including all rows from the Google Sheet.

Screen shot of end of glide table

Screen shot of end of google sheet

As this shows rows past 128 in the google sheet are NOT in the glide table. They were when I communicated earlier.

I ma becoming concerned this is a substantial bug in the synchronisation for glide as app versions seem to take forever to catch up with changes and the google sheet /glide table synch is unstable.

I also just ran another manual synch and still the glide table has the missing rows.

Since you are using Google sheets as a data source, I’m assuming this is a legacy free plan. What is your row usage for that app?


So you’ve exceeded the row limit on the free plan, which means the behaviour you’re seeing is to be expected.

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OK but you’d think there would be an error message suggesting an upgrade. I recall that happening on a previous app I developed some years back.

Will upgrade and see if that fixes it. Thanks

Ouch! Paid subscriptions are considerably more than they were 2-3 years ago. Bit of a surprise.

The new free plan does allow for 25k rows, but you won’t be using google sheets as a data source. It only allows for glide tables as a data source.

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Yeah, And I have two apps so has to be Business which is 10 x more expensive than the previous first level paid plan.

In interim I have removed a “nice to have feature” which was adding a considerable number of rows. This gives me time to explore alternatives before needing to upgrade.