Do not shows data on a phone, but shows it on a PC in the same Screen (GS, 4k+ rows))

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Glide does not shows last 169 rows from GS on phones,
but shows all of it

  • in the same Screen of the same App & same User on Desktop App interface (PC).
  • in the Builder & Data Editor also everything shows okay, and data is ok.

See screenshots there please 240328 - Google Drive

  • PC Interface shows OK
    - Phone interface does not shows it (the same screen as on PC, for the same users)
  • Builder shows OK
  • Data Editor shows OK, and everything is okay with data.
    And this bug is for any users who’s trying to watch this screen by phones, but it shows on PC’s)

How to replicate

  1. Go use PC interface or a Builder first, log in as (or give me your gmail, i coud open account)
  2. Open third item on main menu - on PC interface AND in the Builder it shows data since March 27 on top.
  3. But if you will use phone interface - the same Screen shows only data up to March 19.
    There is GS on backend, 4k+ rows.

Why does not shows data on phone?
How to solve?
Help please ASAP :pray:

May I ask is this a Classic App or a new app?

@ThinhDinh , this is Classic App.
What’s a reason?

Though it may not be the same as your problem, there was a recent problem for syncing Google Sheets with Classic Apps.

Thank you @ThinhDinh
That subject is closed allready.

Who can help me and my customer? SOS!
Nobody answered on my Ticket(

@NoCodeAndy, you closed that subject, but it still not work :woozy_face:

Well I’m not sure I can help further as a fellow user. Since you use a Classic app, your ticket might not be prioritized.