Google Sheet not appear at Glider Builder


This is the google sheet that link with my apps.
So, you can see row 365, Client : DMG Energy.

But no in Glideapps builder

Row 365 is not visible in your 2nd screen shot.

yes, 361 is the last row

Ah, I see.

  • I assume that it stays like this even after you force a re-sync?
  • What happens if you exit the builder and then open the app again?
  • Does the “missing” data show up in the published app?

I’ve seen this happen before when the sheet and the GDE appear to get out of sync. But reloading the app in the builder usually fixes it.

How to reloading ?
Close the apps and open it back ?
It is ?

yes, that’s what I meant.
Try that.

Yes, it is work for DMG Energy client but currently in google sheet have 369 rows but the glide builder shows 367 rows.
But i don’t know which 2 rows missing.
Why and what happen ? what will cause it ?

Have you checked the Google Sheet for empty rows?
You might have 2 empty rows somewhere…

One of those rows in the Google sheet is the header, so that won’t be counted in glide and should offset everything by one. I would also guess you maybe have an empty row in your google sheet which glide would ignore.

One of the reasons for empty rows is are we deleting rows in the builder in the near future, and there is an addition of rows in the Google sheet before synchronization occurs?

I’m not sure with this since the apps is live but logically, when user adding row, it will add to the glide builder first and then just google sheet right ?

I mean the occurrence due to manual deletion.
I’ve experienced this myself. But the way I use is to remove some rows from the data row that doesn’t appear and a few rows below it to eliminate the possibility of those blank rows (sometimes hard to see), then sync again. And re-paste the previously deleted row data, and the problem is solved.