New Row Data visible in Editor but not in Google Sheets

Hi everyone

I have a free private app which unfortunately I cannot share the link or screenshots for better explanation of my problem.

I made a new row entry on Sunday in my app, and one of the components was ‘file upload’ size 3.5MB. That entry is visible in App, in Glide and in Data editor, including the uploaded file. Initially I thought that maybe its a PWA so it may take time to upload from my device and update, but its literally been 3 days and its not visible in Google Sheets.

Maybe I’m a newbie, but is there a provision on certain data not being written in Google sheets? Because that’s one of the key reasons for us using Glide - ability to access our data at all times.

Appreciate if someone can explain what’s going on.

Can you try scrolling down the sheet and see if it is being added to row 501 or row 1001, something like that?

Thanks @ThinhDinh!

That’s exactly what happened. Could you share why this happens, so I can avoid it next time?

Thanks again.

A good practice is that you should delete all the empty rows in your sheet if you’re using Glide to write to that.

It seems that Glide will skip all empty rows (even without data) and add your information to the next one after row 500 or row 1000.

So, in short, delete all empty rows (and empty columns) as well. It will also affect you if you want to duplicate the app when you have so many empty rows & columns.

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