🚨 Newly Added Rows Disappear Automatically

Hey everyone,
Whenever I add new rows through the builder or the published app, they seem to dissapear after a few minutes. Even though I can see them right after adding, if I reload the page or just wait a bit, they’re gone.
Can someone help me figure out why this is happening and how to fix it?

It’s important to note that the Google Sheet source is connected, and switching it to Glide Table would be too complicated

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If you look at the usage screen in the team dashboard, how many rows of data is your app using? Looks like that one table alone is quite large.

This specific app is 28k rows. However, I have apps that are at 50k rows and not experiencing the same issue there.

Well, the Business plan states that there is a 25k row limit for spreadsheet based data sources, and based on past experience with other plans, Glide WILL restrict which rows are available. Sometimes randomly choosing which rows are visible. This would be my primary suspicion, but you would have to confirm that with Glide support.

Are your other apps on a legacy plan or different plan by any chance?

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Business, not legacy apps.
The issue looks very similar to what has been recently discussed in this topic: Google Sheets stopped syncing? Let us know! - #23 by NoCodeAndy

I suggest submitting a support ticket if you want to get Glide eyes on it.

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