Menu does not work in desktop view


I have a problem with the menu on the left with my pro app in destop view. If I click on the menu items, nothig happens. Is there anyone who can give me suggetions?

In mobile view, everything works perfectly.

I tried with chrome, firefox and mobile(in desktop view)

I am sorry, I can’t share the app password for you to check yourself, I am attaching a picture to show you the menu which is not working in my app.

Anyone who can give me suggestion or had the same problem?


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I actually have the same problem.
A failure without doubt, because it works very well before.

Ciao Manu.n,

This makes me think it may be a “glide” issue, and not only “my app” issue…Let’s wait and see if anyone has any solution…

Untl yesterday, if I am not wrong, it was working perfectly.

Yeah, I think it’s a Glide problem. we may have to wait a bit.


Yes it seems like a bug for all of us and you can make sure to disable the force full screen function for now to let the users use the mobile view on desktop until glide fix it

yes i have the same bug :confused:

I wrote to the chat in the support area. This is what he replied me “Thanks for reporting it. I have escalated it to engineering.”

Let’s wait and see…

I hope they will solve it soon, as we main use this app on desktop mode.


Unfortunately the only work around to have it work is above

Hello @Mark
The problem has been around for several hours. Is it possible to fix this?

This should be fixed by now. Do you still see the problem? Did you reload the app?


Ah YES Cool, Merci Beaucoup

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Dear Mark,
seems to be ok. Would it be possible for you to tell why there was this issue? I mean, was it something related to our app or to any setting or it was a “technical” issue from glide service side?
Just to undestand if I did anything wrong, and avoid it in the future.

Thanks for fixing, anyway!