Community Update: Introducing Dark Mode 🌓

Hello from Miami!

The Glide team is on the ground this week for some intense get-stuff-done sessions.

We’ve got a handful of updates for you in the meantime, including the much-anticipated release of Glide’s new Dark Mode.

Introducing Dark Mode :first_quarter_moon:

Glide’s design system now supports Dark Mode, letting you create beautiful apps with a modern look and feel. The design system update also includes:

  • Improved contrast and readability for components and text
  • New dark accents for navigation menus and component containers
  • Adaptive typography for mobile and desktop breakpoints
  • Cohesive form fields that match their surroundings

You can enable Dark Mode in your app’s Appearance settings:

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • You can now hide Glide updates on your dashboard
    • They updates will reappear when a new update is released
  • Fixed an incorrect error state after adding Google Cloud with proper account attachment
  • Fixed an issue where Big Tables and SQL components sporadically disappear
  • Users on a Free plan will now see an Upgrade section in the dashboard sidebar
  • Improved the reload performance for Big Tables and SQL
  • You can now add a Waiting For condition for user profile rows

Contributor shoutouts :medal_sports:

Kudos to last week’s rising contributors, including:

From the community :raised_hands:

Have something to add?

…that’s it for this week. Have a good one!


Dark mode is pretty sexy. Nicely done. My app instantly looks great with it one. No fettling needed.

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Love that dark mode is back.

With the new colours and contrast improvements the search and filter elements for table collections have actually become less readable (at least when on neutral background setting). Contrast is quite low.



Thanks for flagging @Curtis!

I’ve heard this from a number of folks, and the team is aware of the contrast issues.

We’ll refine it. :pray:


Dark mode looks awesome!

It would be nice to have a user specific setting/column boolean to be able to override the setting while using the app. Some users like specific apps to be light or dark.


I agree with this. We have an internal app at our agency that I’m so used to it being light before this dark mode experience. The rest of my OS is dark, but I want to keep it light, hence having an option would be dope.


I agree. Facebook is always asking me to turn on dark mode at night and I’m always clicking no. Dark mode is great for helping regulate melatonin but sometimes older eyes need the contrast that light mode features.

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Thanks for the notes re: user-specific dark mode. I’ve shared them with the team. :slight_smile: