Did the New Collapse / Expand Sidebar Feature Break Vertical Sidebar Scroll on Mobile Phones?

The Glide team continues to provide wonderful surprise updates to the platform as in the new Collapse / Expand Sidebar button that appears at the top right of an app’s left layout nav-bar. It certainly provides more visual real-estate to the app screen by compacting the navigation to just icons (without text labels). Nice UX touch!

Unfortunately, on landscape (horizontally) oriented mobile phones (the larger ones) it now appears to prevent a user from being able to scroll down to see the additional menu tabs below the sidebar divider line. Expanded or collapsed when holding the phone in landscape yields the inability to get to the rest of the app. Hopefully this is a simple fix without the forced need to now turn the phone back in portrait orientation.

NOTE: The same issue applies to the new “More” drop-down for top positioned navigation menus on mobile phones (and mini tablets) when in landscape mode. You simply cannot scroll the navigation list on the smaller mobile screens.

@NoCodeAndy could you bring this to the attention of the Dev Team. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Carbonsquare - Passed this along to the team. Thanks!

Update: Team is aware and working on a fix. :+1:


Hello, I cannot see the scroll-to-bottom feature in navigation. I have multiple pages in my menu, but I can’t see most of them

What do you mean by “scroll-to-bottom”? Can you describe how it works visually? Did you see this working previously in Glide?

On the laptop view the left sidebar wont move meaning that some of the pages are inaccessible.

Are you seeing this when the navigation menu is collapsed?

@NoCodeAndy Andy, depending on the size of the mobile phone a viewer is using, sometimes the app navigation will revert to top orientation even if the app is set as left orientation. That’s NOT a big issue but what is an issue is when that happens… the new Dropdown More menu IS NOT scrollable. This causes the rest of the app’s navigation tabs to NOT be accessible.

The left side collapsible scrolling issue was fixed but the top oriented “More” dropdown menu scrolling issue is still prevalent on mobile phones.

iPhone screen shot of the issue…Can’t scroll the More nav vertically.

Probably should force top navigation orientation to be left nav orientation on ALL mobile phones in landscape mode (just like Glide does when holding phones in portrait mode).

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