Hamburger menu not scrolling phone

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Most of the time the menu (which has many tabs) won’t scroll first turns their phone to landscape and then back to portrait…portrait is at first stuck which I am thinking was not intended.

Seemed to work for me. May have been a slight hiccup when initially opening the app, but you have a lot of content, so maybe it was still loading in the background???

hmmmm could be, good thinking. Let me let it sit for some time and try scrolling afterwards…

yea, problem persist even after waiting for loading. I am on iOS (iPhone SE), did you test it on Android or iOS?

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Yep, definitely a bug.

Yes, I am using Android. I don’t have IOS to test.


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I just gave it a try on my iPhoneX.
Iniitially the hamburger menu wasn’t scrollable, but after a while (maybe a minute?) it came good.

Ah good to know, thanks Darren. I am on a slower net connection around 3Mbps. I waited some minutes and it didn’t work…that could be it as Jeff said, many tabs in the menu needs time to load. But the strange thing is that if you get into the menu and immediately go into landscape mode, it scrolls right away and if you immediately go back into portrait mode it scrolls right away…not sure what the hickup is, net speed or otherwise.

yep, just tried that and observed the same thing. No idea why that would be…

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More testing. I went to a 10Mbps connection. Problem persist. The bug seems to be just with the activation of scroll in portrait mode. Maybe someone on the Glide team looks into it at some point. For now I will just tell my students that have to do this back and forth move to landscape and back to get it to scroll. Not professional looking but is what it is.