Scrolling problem(

Simple app, and everything works, but there is one catch.
The first screen/tab contains images and language selection buttons - the Choice operator. There is nothing else on this tab.
I can scroll this screen in the Glide editor without problems, but it doesn’t happen on my phone.
Scrolling is enabled only if you use two fingers! After that, scrolling already works with one finger.
Before this manipulation with two fingers, the image on the screen is still.
What is it and how to fix it? Thank you)

Do you mean the problem happens on this tab?

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I can reproduce this exactly as you described with your app, but I have no idea what the issue could be. Can you show how the components are laid out by showing the component panel in the lower left corner of the builder? Almost looks like you are using a swipe layout???



I have a suspicion on this element - here the picture depends on the choice of language. Until I set the condition for displaying the element, everything worked correctly. As soon as I added the “show component if” option, this bug appeared.

Swipe - empty

If you are not using the Swipe style to allow swiping, why not just use a Detail style instead?

The Swipe style was never very good at vertical scrolling since it was mostly designed for swiping left and right among multiple rows of data. In my opinion, the swipe style was always buggy, and never a very good design from the beginning. Since you are not using it for it’s intended purpose of swiping, and you have it in a halve broken state by not setting a Save Last Swipe date, I’d recommend changing you screen to a detail style layout. Then you won’t have any problems with scrolling.


Ok, thanks for the reply. I’m going to try now. I myself do not know why I chose Swipe initially - I did not attach any importance to this.

THANK YOU JEFF! Everything worked as it should)))))))
I really did not attach the value of the operator to the choice - now I will be careful! Have a good day!

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Looks good!

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