Bugs with swipe feature

I found a bug with new swipe feature. If I open an app on my phone, cards with variants that have a lot of text stick it together.

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Think that is intended? Could be wrong…for me the idea of a card to swipe is that the content level is restricted to a ‘card size’ so don’t overload with too much data.

I touched on this the other day


The thing is in admin panel it works. You can go through the all content.

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:man_shrugging: sorry just my thoughts :thought_balloon: I could be absolutely wrong on this…

Maybe use the newly released ‘button bar’ instead to navigate instead of swipe.


Swipe I think needs a revisit by team Glide. The version we have strikes me as a “test” version.


@kate_b Even I’m not speaking Russian, I saw the 9 at the top and you give me an idea to use it like a book reader :star_struck:

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Nice idea!

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Take a look, 1st test!

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  • In my iPhone 7 some components are cutting or not showing completely. See below iPhone 7 and Glide Editor respectively.

  • When I click to fill this fields, sometimes it do some right/left action by itself and we can’t continue the swipe


The same situation, it breaks the whole sense of this swipe feature for me! I have images and checkboxes on the cards. Images are being cutted similarly to your screenshots when keyboard is opened. And checkboxes are shown on the initial message in this thread.

The swipe feature is amazing and gamechanging, but these bugs are so important :frowning:

@Mark , maybe you can tell us, whether glide team is going to correct this bug and when can we expect to have it fixed? In any case, thank you so much for the amazing feature!


We’re working on a fix. Got a lot on the plate right now but this is not intended behavior.


Thanks Jason!

Thank you!

Hope you guys get it soon! Thx @Jason

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Floating button is something I wanna use in my new Ebook app too. Hope we get it soon. Thanks guys.

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