Scrolling on Choice Component

Hi there,

First of all I do want to say what a great programme this is, I have long wanted to build an app based on my spreadsheet I built!

I have made a budgeting app based on this template:

I have kept the “New Expense” form button and added my own categories to the choice component. The issue I have is the number of categories is longer than the screen, so I have to scroll to get to the one I want. When I scroll down and click on a category, it selects one that is 1-3/4 places away instead, often depending on how far I’ve scrolled.

This issue happens on my Samsung S10, but when using the web app works perfectly, so it may be an issue there. It does seem a bit laggy when scrolling on the phone (ie it’s not smooth scrolling like you get with inline lists etc.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

I had already reported this on an earlier topic a while ago, but to this day the problem remains. Item 2 of my question addresses the same problem.

This problem seems to have been rectified, smooth scrolling and easy clicking!