Create a selection slider with different lists

I’m looking to create a carousel/slider with button blocks - so when you click each button, it shows a different list - is this possible?

The inspiration I’ve taken from is here:
Screenshot 2022-02-10 164127

When you click on each button, it shows a different screen/dropdown

Timely for the recent update by @Lucas_Pires in our CSS library.

Basically the idea is:

  • Use a choice component as your first component on the screen.
  • Write it to a user-specific columns.
  • Show/hide different inline lists based on that user-specific column’s value.
  • Use a rich text component to house the code in the Notion link, it should scroll well if you have more options than the screen’s width allows.

Awesome, thanks @ThinhDinh ! Looks like I’m going to have to upgrade to the paid version!

For this task you don’t need to. I was assuming you’re using Glide Apps.

On Glide Pages, CSS is not supported, but you can still use a choice component to achieve the same result. They just go to the next line instead of scrolling horizontally.