Choice component scrambling choice order and not listing all options

In some cases choice component is showing choices that are set to “sheet order” in some other order. In other cases, choice component is showing less than all of the choices listed in the source options column. This started happening today.

Please see video for replication of bug in my app. One note - after making the video, I also noticed that when selecting the values for Goal Type, the values presented were OLD - they have since been edited. There is no other sheet or column for these items so they’re not mixed up on my end. Please fix asap as this is messing with critical forms! Especially where all choices are not being listed. Thank you! :pray: :relaxed:

I’ve noticed in a few if your videos that you have the yellow warning on your reload button. Is it possible that glide isn’t currently syncing with your sheet? How do the sheet values look in the Glide data compared to the Google sheet?

Hi Jeff! That warning is actually on my settings - it’s because I use highlight color Black and it will not work with dark mode (which I have disabled) - so I get the warning. :upside_down_face:

Sheet is definitely synced up!

Got it. Thought I’d check :wink:

One workaround you could try is to add another column next to you choices with a number indicating the order. Then sort your choices based on that column instead of sheet order.


I did actually notice same issue earlier, and since I use Seq-Id for all my rows, I had the habit to use it as sort column as suggested by Jeff.


I am pretty much against workarounds unless they are absolutely critical. I would like this to work the way it was working and the way it should work, so I will follow up with glide team until it is fixed. I mean no disrespect toward the valuable advice given in this forum for workarounds, I just know I won’t be able to scale or maintain this app in a clean way if it isn’t built with Glide’s native functionality. :blush:


I hear you, but sometimes you can’t avoid the inevitable, unless your time table can cope with fixes turnaround times. Another classical Case, when I started on Apps, I was trying to avoid the use of G.S. scripts/arrayformulas commands, etc. as much as possible to avoid data refresh lag. I wanted to keep all logic within Glide UI (including GDE), but due to shortage of needed features, I was eventually driven to mix and match. It’s a catch-22 I guess.