Is this a bug or what?

After entering details screen for item when I use choice component sometimes it writes to the top of the selected data column and sometimes it writes to the item row.

I hope I have been clear enough.

Thanks for any help

Do you have screenshots? What are your settings for the choice component? I’m not sure it’s clear where the choices are sourced from and where selected choice is writing to.

In this case I have four choice components on the details screen. Two of them work as expected the other two do not. All of them are set up the same way. There is a separate sheet supplying the choice source and the data is being written to the same sheet for all four choice components.

I think this is a bug. I just said I had two choice components working properly. As I have been working with it trying to figure it out I have gone down to one choice component working properly. Earlier today I had all four working.

Again, it would help to see screenshots or a video to better understand your configuration and what’s happening. Most of the time it’s just something that’s set up incorrectly, but since I don’t know anything about your app, it’s hard to determine what might be the issue. If it was truely a bug, I’m pretty sure there would be a lot more people talking about the issue.

Is there any other way rather than screenshots? I have been trying to consider how I would depict this with screenshots but it would be quite cumbersome.

Thanks for your help

You can also try recording a video with Loom.


Still trying to understand the problem. So are you saying that when you make your choices, sometime the value is written to the first row and sometimes it’s written to other rows? The choices should be written to whichever row of the detail screen you are viewing. Do you have any filters on the screen that may possibly be affected by the choice values? Just trying to get a full picture of your app flow and what’s happening.


I had already followed this video successfully elsewhere in the app 🌪 Use Multiple Choice Components to Filter an Inline List. However entering a details screen I got confused because at first Glide did the same thing by entering the selected choice at the top of the selected data column. However after a time the selected choice would inexplicably pop down the column to the item row so it struck me as some kind of bug. As Jeff has said Glide is supposed to write to the item row once in an item details screen. Once I know this is meant to be the case that’s fine I can work with it.

Thank you for your help guys.

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