Choice component - always show on screen

Hello there,

I have a suggestion for choice component.
I’m using it as a Tabs feature in a way: when “Choice 1” is selected - display “Item list 1”, when “Choice 2” is selected - display “Item list 2”. Something similar to Instagram tabs in User profile (where they have Pictures, IGTV posts, Tagged posts…)
But in Glide when switching from one choice to the other, the screen always moves and covers the Item list that’s showing.

Is it possible to update the Choice feature to have the option to always show on screen, and to not move the screen when switching from one choice to another.

I’m including some screenshots to better explain my suggestion.

Thank you!


I’ve ran into that too, but if I add a bunch of padding at the bottom of the screen so there is always content that extends past the length of the screen, then that seems to prevent the screen from jumping whenever I change the choice.

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Oh yeah! That’s a great idea! A very nice work around!
Thank you!

I think it would be good if Glide team could work on making this possible, but until then - this is a very nice solution. :slight_smile: Thank you once again!

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