Choice selector not visible after glide update?

Hey, I have a glide that has been up and running for two years somehow. Recently I’ve noticed that some Choice fields don’t appear anymore.

When I look at the editor I see that the menu of the ones still visible has somehow been updated while the non visible ones have basic option, see screenshots.

I’d like to avoid redoing everything, how can I do?

I seem to recall that glide updated a handful of components quite a long time ago. The choice component was probably one of them. At the time, any old components remained and still worked normally, but if you added a new component to your screen, then it would be the newer version. So it was possible at the time to have two choice components that looked similar but were actually different from each other.

At some point in the past year or so, Glide made some more changes to the choice component, which further separated the newer choice component from the old choice component.

As of recently, Glide has been updating their underlying code to an entirely different computation model. Because of that, it’s possible that the very old original choice component is no longer compatible.

My suggestion would be to simply add a new choice component to your screen, and configure it like the old one that no longer works. Then delete the old component. That should be the only thing you need to do.


thanks for the clarification; I was scared the only way to go was to recreate each choice component but then it’s apparently the case. At least I’ll be sure that I don’t waste my time ignoring a better solution!

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I try it in my old app to have the new choice component, but i delete choice list, add it a new one, and i still not see the new update

Are you referring to your other post with the option to add images? I think this post is referring to a much older version of the choice component… probably from 2+ years ago. There is that very old component, the newer one on the old computation model, and the new new one on the new computation model.

The very old component and the newer one have different ways of selecting the source table for the choice component.

Yes i referring to other post, about add image to choice list

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