Choice component not showing up

Seems like the choice component is no longer showing up in my app. In multiple locations.

App has not been changed/modified for months and all of a sudden the choice component is not showing up, this happened in the last 15mins, the app is in constant use.

Please see attached. Please not that there is no visibility condition on this component.


I am experiencing this as well. It was literally showing up for me 10 minutes ago and now they’re gone…

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Glide is aware and the issue is being escalated internally.


yes… it happened about 10mins ago.

Its not on every component. You can see that make and model are working fine.

I am trying to figure out what is different with the InsuranceProvider, but it looks the same.

All components (InsuranceProvider, Make and Model) are pulling the data from the same file “options” all there are text fields. There are NO filters or visibility conditions on the InsuranceProvider

I tried to create a new component and it showed up, but as I configure it to point to the same source and column, it disappears.


Same here! Need this fixed as soon as possible, since the app is always being used. It’s the main choice to created new projetcs.

Same issue with my apps! Any ETA on this getting fixed?

Same thing here! All forms not showing any choice components now. They are still there but not showing. Also all my cards have a blank profile icon now as well. Need this fixed ASAP!!!

Same thing here.

Same thing here.

@Dan_San - is this resolved now?

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Here is back!

Yes it appears to be resolved now

Same Here. It was out for 15 or 20 min. Now is already OK, too.

It will be nice if the Suport could tell us what happened.

Thanks. All seems to be working now.

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