Help with glide choice

This morning on my glide page I had choice components that appeared with selectable datas and this afternoon I don’t have that anymore and none of my choice components appear on my page, can you help me, I didn’t make any change on that?

I have no visibility field for these choices, just i can’t add any choices on my page

Three reasons why this would happen:

  1. The choice component list options are no longer in the table (unlikely)
  2. You’re previewing the app as someone who doesn’t have access to the screen with the choice component (likely)
  3. The choice component is being filtered and the options are now being filtered out (very likely)

A video for explications,

When i duplicate the project, i have the choice component who appear but i lost the airtable connection

I left comments in the loom

How do you want to be able to look closer? for the column I have it well just it is grayed out the write to so impossible to choose a column (when I duplicated the project, I had no more connection to Airtable but everything worked well 0 problems)

In write to is the parcours of biens

Contenu table

Biens table with parcours

@david kind of like having a puppy that is cute and gets itself in the middle of every conversation but frequently acts inappropriately. Hoping that the puppy training is successful :dog:


I have new information, for the project that bugs in the components I no longer have access to the form element except choice that I can not choose but on the copied project I have access to all these elements and I can use them as I see fit.

For more details it is not only the choices that do not work but all components coming from form components