An Adalo feature that i woule like to have in Glide : better relation management

HI, as a school we must give in our courses an overview of all technologies and platform, so, in these summer break we are studying other no-code platform like Bubble and Adalo.
Bubble is a feature-rich platform but is too complicated even for a simple projects so we focus our study on Adalo.
In some areas this platform is further back Glide, but have some features that i would like to have in Glide.
The most important is the Relation management.
When you create a relation in Adalo you just need to specify the related tabled and the cardinality (1-N, N-1 and also N-N !!!) and the platform do all the trivial jobs.
It create a navigation between two tables, a very simple way to access related fields without specify (manually) all the lookups, a visual editor for set parent’s record from the child and so on.
This is really a game-changer because with few clicks you can create and use relation in a very simple and effective way.
A couple oy years ago has been created this feature’s request

but nothing seems happened in 2 years.
Are there any news ?
Thhank in advance