Why I can't use the function link to a screen?

hi I need to connect a screen with a button but the “link to a screen” function does not appear … it is only possible to “go to a tab” … yet the guide gives it as a possibility as in the image … thanks for the answer!

The option was renamed to Show Screen

it doesn’t appear…i can only see this…

Show New Screen is the same as Link To Screen.

ok I try more times and I understand…I need to create a button that link to the same screen but with the command “show a new screen” i have to create e sequential screen and is impossible to do this… with a consequential screen I cannot recall from other screens … a simpler method is to go to a tab but the only tabs that allow me to choose are those visible in the bar or in the menu while I do not want them to appear … is there a solution to this problem? thanks for answer!

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are attempting to do. Are you trying to create a new screen that’s attached to the same row as the screen that contains the button? You can do that with the Show New Screen option and select This Item for the data.


I think he wants to recall existing screen, for that you need to use relations screens

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