Request New Actions for Relation, Previous, and Next

From the discussion in the post below, I think we could use some additional Actions.

  • First I would like to see an action that functions like the Link to Screen action, but only for single relations and only to a details layout that’s already been established for a sheet. Whereas a Link to Screen action will have a unique design layout that is not attached to a sheet, this new action would respect the design layout that has already been established. It would work the same as clicking on an inline list item that takes you to the details screen with a layout that’s already been designed…but with an action that does the same thing through a single relation.

  • The second would be two actions that navigate to the previous or next row in a sheet. For example, say you click on the third item from a list of five items. It would be nice to be able to have an action that could navigate you from the details of that third item to the details of the 2nd or 4th item in a list. This is already kind of possible with the Reshuffle action and a details screen sorted by Random, but there is currently no control over which row details to show next.