Multiple view/edits pages for same sheet -or- Relation Button

This request has to do with wanting two different View and/or Edit screens for the same sheet. I have heard of it mentioned as “screen variants”???

The workaround I have figured out is to create a second sheet with a one to one relationship. Then I can put a relations component on the first screens edit view that will launch into a second detail view of the same related row of information in the related sheet. Obviously it would only show the information that was pulled from the first sheet as part of the relationship links. In my case I’m pulling in the ID (for the link) and the name.

The workaround is functional but visually not appealing. It would be a much cleaner look in certain cases if we had a “Relationship Button” component that could be configured to open the details of that one to one relation. I hope I explained this correctly. Anyway I create a demo of what I’d like to see. When on the details of a given contractor you are presented with the ability to pre-pay for a consultation. The Relation Component does the job but the Button component below would be better, however it just opens the entire related sheet, showing all records. I’d like the Button behavior to be the same as the Relation component above it.

Take a look at this small app I created. I made it copyable so you can see what is happening under the covers.

Something that could probably be very beneficial for the following thread. Could be a great way to make a button show or hide it there is no value in the relation column.