No compound actions on Relation buttons?

I am surprised there are no compound actions on a relation button. Is this something in the roadmap?


What do you mean with “Relation button”?

Possibly Manan means a list relation component.

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I never even knew this “Button” existed before I saw this post, and I can’t find any reference to it in the docs. I just tried it, and it seems to be a button in name only…

Seems to be that the difference between this and a List Relation is that it can only use a relation as a source, whereas a List Relation can use a Sheet or a Relation as a source.

Seems a bit redundant?

Curiosity got the better of me :joy:
This helps to visualise the difference between the 3 relation options. All three here are using the same relation as a source, with default settings:


I use the “relation button” for single relations — like a link to the user’s profile for example.

List Relation is my least used relation-related item, mostly because you can’t customize the word “Items” and if there is only one item attached to the list, it loads that single item right away and changes the way you’d expect this list relation to work. I think there’s room for improvement in both the relation button and list relation components. I think they’ve been put on the back burner as other things were made awesome haha


If I don’t need single Lookups, I always use a multiple relation with an inline list. Especially when a single row is found. There is so much more customization available for an inline list. I can see some rare cases for using a List Relation, but I see no reason whatsoever to use a Relation component when an Inline List can do the same thing with more customization.

And to follow up on @Manan_Mehta’s question. If I’m understanding the same as the others, I don’t think of the Relation component as a button. More of a single item list. Just like how a List Relation changes it’s view between showing the details when there is only a single item vs showing the number of multiple items in a list. I think both the List Relation and Relation components are quite old and don’t get a lot of updates.


Oh got it. I use it only sometimes, a little. I prefer using inline lists with filter or with relations…
But that’s a good question

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I use this button when I need something which cannout work with a “multiple relation” (Set columns majorly)

The way an inline list has an option to set up compound actions, I think the relation button also should have the same option.

In my use case I cannot use a multiple relation because of various reasons.


Would you be able to use a multiple relation for displaying the inline list along with a single relation for the the set columns action?

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The last app I’m using it, btw it’s an app I submitted to templates and I’m waiting approval

Simple way to do a ‘profile button/link’


I don’t think I ever use single relations anymore. For displaying purposes, I use an inline list. If I want to take a specific value out of the relation, I use a single value column.


What I am trying to achieve is this:

I want to view details of that particular relation and I want to set columns in that row using the value from the screen I am navigating from.

The problem:

  1. Using a normal button, I have no option of “view details”
  2. Using an inline list, I have no option of set columns using values from the screen I am navigating from (While this is available in a normal button if my relation is a single relation)

I thought this could have worked perfectly with a relation component which has the 2 actions I mentioned.


Ditto. The “relation button” cant have actions…inline lists can. So I typically do a multiple relation even if it’s a single relation that I’m looking for just so I can use the inline list component.


Well maybe that means the single relation could have better design options along with Actions which would make it powerful and usable.
And we won’t need to check the box for multiple relations when we don’t need multiple. (Because lot of other functionality gets affected by that checkbox)

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Completely agree. Several of the components could benefit from enhancements (title component, relation component, image component, etc).