How to use a relation as the action of one of the buttons of a button bar

I have a pair of individual components that I would like to combine on a button bar so that they take up less space:

--------------- Before -------------------------------- After ------------------

The “[Show] Directions to This Stop” button is just a Link. The “Next Stop” component is currently a Relation.

In the Before view, I can do this as a Button and a Relation. In the After view, with the Button Bar, the left button can be a link to a URL but I need to have an action for the right button which accomplishes the same thing as a Relation component – but I can’t find such an action in the list of actions for the button bar choices.

What am I missing? If there is no such action, can anybody think of a workaround?


– Harry

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Thanks for sharing your issue with the community. In order to help you get the most suitable information based on your problem, I’d recommend you to move your topic to #help-how-to category. You may use this category to ask general questions or get help with something from the community.

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Thanks. I didn’t know that Help & How To category existed. Is it new? Regardless, I’m expecting to be spending quite a bit of time in that category until I have more of Glide under my belt :slight_smile:

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Yes ! The category was made 2 days ago. It’ll help the forum to be a little bit more organised. :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll find all the ressources that you need. Help the community help you !

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I think what you’re looking for is a Link to screen action pointing to the relation.


The problem when I do that with a “Link to Screen to the Relation”, is that what comes up uses a different layout template than when I include a Relation Component. There are places in my app when I do use a directly included Relation component (like you see in the Before view). That means that I need to repeat a rather complex layout template.

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Agreed, there really needs to be some additional actions to allow for linking to a relation in the same way that a list would link to a screen that respects the layout already established for that sheet. I’d also really like to see some actions that allow for navigating to the previous or next row. There seems to be no way to do that without some sort of trickery with increment and relations/lookups to make it work properly. I think I will create a feature request, because I could definitely back something like this.

As for your current options, this could probably be achieved with a an inline list designed to look like buttons. It would probably require an array that would only have two values. One as a default value, and one with a value that could be related to the record you want to show. The array would be used with a relation column to point to the sheet that you want to relate to. This relation would then be used for an inline list that would become your buttons. For the action on the inline list, you could create a compound action with an IF statement that would check if the list item being clicked on is the default value, then open your directions link. The else on the IF statement would be to view the details of the other list item. Obviously a little more involved, but would sort of give you the side by side button effect you are looking form.


Thank you for the reassurance that I was on to something – not just showing off my lack of knowledge about Glide – which I am very successful at.

I tried several things to cause what I wanted, with little success. Being a good programmer, I tried to extend the standard actions with a new action – but found that the primitives I needed didn’t appear to be there. (I must admit that I haven’t explored the action primitives very much)

It seems to me that rather than adding one missing standard action to the list of pre-canned actions at a time, a better way to do this would be to have all actions be built out of the add a new action primitives. This would enable missing actions to be built by community participants. This strategy has worked well for many years in the programming with code community, perhaps this good mechanism for extension ought to be used in the no-code community also.

I realize this means even more development than just fixing the missing actions we can think of now, but in the long-run this approach will pay off.

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