Is directly accessing details view of another sheet through a relation possible?

Restaurant sheet
Food sheet

There is a relation between Food and Restaurant on the Food Sheet called Restaurant Rel

Users can search for a specific food items via inline list.

Details view of that food item will specify which restaurant its sold at.

What I’d like is for a user to click on Restaurant’s name inside the Food Detail Screen and be sent to the Details View of that Restaurant.

I created a Rich Text component with an Action to open New Screen based on the Restaurant Rel, but it only shows an Inline list of the Restaurant, causing the user to have to click the Restaurant again to access the details view of the Restaurant.

An easy way to fix this is to use the show new screen action which opens a new screen when you press a button or an image that has this action.

If this does not solve your doubt, work on explaining the other way with a relationship to the restaurant that has that food.

The other way to do it is by using a relationship column of the selected food with the restaurant you chose:

  1. Create a table containing the restaurant names:
  2. Create a column called restaurant where you have the name of the restaurant that provides this product.
  3. Create a relationship between the restaurant and the name column of the restaurants table.
  4. Create a relation in the product table where we bring the relation we just created.

Hey Dillan,

I already have a button that opens up a new screen thats pointed to my relationship between that Food item and the Restaurant that sells it. However, that new screen doesnt show the detail screen of that Restaurant, only a list view of that Restaurant, which they requires the user to click the restaurant again to access the details view.

Which then brings me to:

Ok, I understand, do it the second way I explained, not with the actions, but by creating the relationship, so it will surely work for you.

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Ah perfect. Never used that Relation Button before. Thank you!

Did it work for you?

Yes it did!

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