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hello ! can anybody help me to configure an online library for my school.
i created a sheet that contains all the books and their authors and i was able to build the logic of Semestres > modules > books and i want to be able to click on the author name on the details screen and go to another detail screen when i can show the author and the books related.
so far i was able only to display all the authors in an inline list and then you have to click once again on the author name is there anyway I can achieve that.

Thanks in advance

Do you have a relation that links the author to the authors in the same sheet? You could create an action text component with the author name and an action to ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ to get a new screen and then place an inline list that uses that relation to show the related author’s books.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager it worked

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Sorry @Jeff_Hager to bother you is it possible to have a detail screen to be able to show the author image and name and also an inline list that show the related author’s books.
Thanks and sorry once again.

Well, I guess that is what I was getting at with my suggestion above. I only mentioned an inline list, but you could add any components you want to that new screen. If everything is in the books sheet then it should be pretty easy. You didn’t mention if you have a separate authors sheet, but if you do, then instead you can also create a single relation to the authors sheets along with any lookup columns to bring the author details into the book s sheet.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager i tried to do that but i only land on a tab that don’t have the ability to choose the details view
here is a Screenshot when i tried to add a component and there is no choice for details view

Click on that list and change to details view on the right panel of the editor… then add inline list that is the same as the one you clicked

@Uzo it not available

can you make a whole screenshot?.. for me it looks like you are in the inline list already… so plus icon on the left should work… try to refresh the editor

you should have screen like this

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i’m trying to record a video



you are cutting off top of the screen in the problem screen

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I’ll try to reupload another

your problem is in 3 one ? I do not see top choices… so I assume it is already an inline list… in this case, you will not see details view… if it is the fresh tab you should click that list and it will show details… you show all other screens full but not the 3… why?

in the third image i clicked on name of the author on the 2nd screenshot and i want IT to bring me into the last image and not to go through the 3rd.

on the 3rd image there is no details view available

Thank you so much for your help

when you click edit list … no change?

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no it just to edit the layout of the inline list or to change between tiles cards… ect

ok… try to delete the option that leads to this screen, and redo it. if it is too much work copy that element before deleting it

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This time it didn’t work at all