Lots of books

Hi all.

I’m trying to understand relations, and have tried and failed a bundch of times.
I want to show a list of writers and their books.
The idea is that to show the authors in the main view, and the books in the details view, BUT I want to add a favorite option to the individual books.

Most authors on the list have writtens several books, but how do I sort that in Sheets? Or do I fix it with realtions?

Sorry for something that probably is a newbie-question

You would have a data structure like this.

Authors sheet: Author name, Author image, Row ID etc.

Books sheet: Author’s row ID, Book name, Book image etc.

Create a multiple match relation from the Authors sheet to the Books sheet using the row ID as the connector.

Then you can show a list of authors and the action when the people click on each author would be link to screen, using the book relation above as the source.