Getting confused with relations

Hey Gliders,
I have been banging my head against the wall for a day trying to figure this out but I am really struggling. Perhaps I am just too close to it and aren’t able to see clearly. I am sure I did things like this in the past with ease.

Here’s a copy of my spreadsheet without the real users’ data.

My app is structured in the following way.

There’s a reading list Tab where users can add books.
To each book, they can add notes

There’s a Books tab that is a copy of some entries on the Reading list but removing any duplicates.

What I am trying to achieve is that users come to the books tab > learn about the book and see that other users have written notes about that book > click on a users name and see a list of the notes that user has written on the book only > click on a specific note and read it.

I’ve tried many ways, right now what is happening is that both Nugget Notes user and Laura are displaying the same results despite the notes being from Nugget notes only

Can you share how your relations are set up? How is the relation from Book to User and the User to Notes set up. I’m having a hard time visualizing that part.

Hi Jeff, thanks for having a look at this.

To be honest, these relations are now all over the place because I was trying to solve it

Users has relation with Notes matching username and author

BooksAvaialable has relations with:

  • Reading list - matching Title and title
  • Notes - matching Title and title
  • PublicNotes - matching Title and title

ReadingList has relation with Notes - matching BookID and BookID

Notes has relation with Users - Marching Author with Username

PublicReadingList has a relation with:

  • Notes - Matching title to book title
  • PublicNotes - Matching title to book title
  • Users - Matching user with username
  • PublicNotes - Matching User with Author

Did this make any sense to you?

There’s a lot going on here and I’m trying to keep it straight in my head (haven’t had my coffee yet). If I understand correctly, the Books tab is pointing to the PublicReadingList sheet. You select a book to view it’s details. Which relation are you using to show the list of users within the book details?


Sooo, that’s a no go on getting it to work? :wink: I’ll take a deeper look tonight.

No, got it working! Had to create a new relationship and worked. Thank you so much for you help.

Awesome! Glad you got it figured out!