When do you plan to support many-to-many (n:m) relations? I’m trying a simple “Who read what book and rated and commented it” but I get stuck in the current designer.

I saw your hack around this topic but to be honest… yep thats a hack :wink:


It’s already a newly enhanced feature. Hacks no longer needed.

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Can you elaborate a little more on what you are trying to do?

Yes Sure,

I like to build an app for people who read books. I have a list of people with their detaisl on sheet1, books and details on sheet2, Genre on sheet3.

The most important one: BooksRead/ sheet4. Here I keep trac of who read what book and what the rating and comments are.

My app shows two entries:

1 People: When I select a person I see the detaisl of that person and the books he has read with his comments.

2 Books: When I select a book I like to see the details and a list of people who have read those books.

As a cherry on the ice I like to show the most popular books and the best average rankings.



I don’t see why you couldn’t do any of this. Where are you stuck?