When do you plan to support many-to-many (n:m) relations? I’m trying a simple “Who read what book and rated and commented it” but I get stuck in the current designer.

I saw your hack around this topic but to be honest… yep thats a hack :wink:


It’s already a newly enhanced feature. Hacks no longer needed.

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Can you elaborate a little more on what you are trying to do?

Yes Sure,

I like to build an app for people who read books. I have a list of people with their detaisl on sheet1, books and details on sheet2, Genre on sheet3.

The most important one: BooksRead/ sheet4. Here I keep trac of who read what book and what the rating and comments are.

My app shows two entries:

1 People: When I select a person I see the detaisl of that person and the books he has read with his comments.

2 Books: When I select a book I like to see the details and a list of people who have read those books.

As a cherry on the ice I like to show the most popular books and the best average rankings.



I don’t see why you couldn’t do any of this. Where are you stuck?

Hi Jeff,

Maybe I think to much in normalized databases.

the problem:
I have 50 books that I like to share with friends. Every friend who reads a book is registered and I like to know their thoughs about every book read.

my solution:
I have four sheets:
ReaderID FirstName LasteName Age FavGenreID
BookID Title NoPages GenreID
GenreID Genre Description
ReaderID BookID DateTimeStamp Rating Reveu

I like to make an app with three items:

Readers -> List of readers. when you select a reader I like to show a list of books he has read. When I select a book from the list I like to show the details of that book. I like to add a BooksRead item from this screen.

Books -> A list of all books with their overall rating. When I select a book I like to see who read it and what the rating was.

Genre-> Here I like to see a list of Genres. per Genre the list of books. I also like to add new genres overhere and generate a new unique identifier for the newly added genre.

So thats the long answer to my basic question :wink:



Your sheet structure should be fine. I would create a relation column in the data tab for each sheet that will link to each ID to ID’s in other sheet. On each item detail page, you will create an inline list that will use each relation to display related items. Is there something beyond this that your are having trouble with?

Topic closed, feature appears to be in current build.