Implement Navigation Properties for true Many-to-Many scenario

actually glide support 1-1 and 1-N relations but there’s no way to have a “true” N-M relations between 2 sheets, and Many-To-Many relations ara a very common scenario.
A (not usefull) workaround is to create a join sheet and 2 relations with the others 2 sheets like this.
Users <–> UsersRoles <–> Roles
But in this way, for example, we can select an users, get an inline list for roles but there’s no way to navigate to role’s detail because the UsersRoles sheet doesn’t have the capability to Navigate to the other side of the relation.
Infact if you design the Detail pages of the inline list’s sheet you have available only the “foreign keys” , and the only solution is to create a lot of LookUp columns (in the relation’s sheet) for getting required datas from the others sheet
To solve this issue and make Many-to-Many relations usable will be great if we could choose the relation as datasource (in the same way we can do for inline list) and obtain the columns of the sheets involved in the relations.
Could it be possibile in a near future ?