Sorting in the Data Editor

This might be similar to my ranking request, but is there anyway to sort the data in the editor prior to running relations/lookups?

Use case: I want to form a relation between two sheets (a home screen with a list of items and log screen when those items are checked in/out via form button), but I want the lookup value to be the most recent record from the log sheet. Currently, the lookup value is the top most record in the sheet, which is the oldest as the form button adds records to the bottom of the sheet.

Again, I can do this with a vlookup with a sorted range, but was hoping to achieve this without formulas as the lag in the app is confusing my users after submitting the form since they don’t see the changes right away.

Gonna go with a crazy combination again.

  • First create a multiple relation from Item sheet to Log sheet using item.
  • Create a Rollup column in Item sheet to get the max date from the log from related item.
  • Create a template column in Item sheet to join item and date.
  • Create a template column in Log sheet to join item and date.
  • Create a relation column in Item sheet to join both template columns
  • Create a lookup column against relation

Wow that worked. I figured the rollup/date would do it somehow…I was missing the match multiple that you stated in step 1. Hats off to you, sir!

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