Sort in the Data Editor

Hello Gliders, I found some old articles about sorting data in Data Editor so I’m asking the question here as an update :
Is it possible to sort data in Data Editor table ?

In my case and as an instance, I’d like to sort alphabetically the first column :

I feel doubtful that Glide, as powerful tool as it is, doesn’t give the opportunity to do this while it would be so much useful

No, that’s not supported.

What is you use case for needing this?

I’m using this Glide app for Stock management. And to check if everything is good with my team, I have to recount my product by category. Here categories are not all together, so it’s quite annoying.

  • Create a multiple relation column that matches the category name with itself.
  • Add a rollup column, target the multiple relation column, and select count.

That will give you a count for each category.

Thank you @Darren_Murphy but here I really need to have a view of products with the same category all together. I hope sorting feature release soon :+1:

You can do that using a collection with a filter.

I doubt that we’ll ever get sorting in the Data Editor. Well, maybe we will, but I can’t imagine that it’s a high priority.

Ok but how do i do?

Even here, can you be more precise? Or send a tuto link?

What does your Products table look like?

Does it help you ?

Kind of - can you also show me how the view you would want to see should look?

My previous screenshot was not a good example to understand, but if you scroll down in the data, here you have Catégorie rows quite disorder :

I would like to see Catégorie row all together by sorting category column alphabetically

Can you not just add a Data Grid Collection to a Layout Screen and sort it by Category?

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