Sort rows in the Data Editor

Hello friends of glide, I would like to ask you if there is the possibility of implementing the action of moving the rows by dragging them in the glide tables of the backend. It would be a great help to be able to move them, since we could locate the rows to match names, numbering, correlativity, and many other things, just by dragging them. Thus we would maintain a very precise order of our tables and our database. Kind regards

No, you can’t drag rows… you can only sort them to arrange the way you want

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Hello friend, yes, I know that this cannot be achieved today, that’s why I’m asking the Glide developers for a request so that they can add it in the future. Thanks for your answer, regards

I’m very far from being a professional developer or understanding databases, but my understanding so far, at least in the context of Glide, is that it can be helpful to decorrelate data from how it is displayed. In Glide, data lives in a table in the Data Editor and it doesn’t matter how it is displayed, there is no such thing as sort/order/ranking, filter, etc. This data is then displayed and therefore meant to viewed in the Display Editor, and there one can sort, order, rank, filter it.

Admittedly, this notion changes slightly with the Query Column. Though as far as I understand it the Query Column allows us to display a sorted and filtered array rather than a table. And then someone will come by and say that an array is a table …

I don’t know. Just thought this perspective might help.