Sort rows in sheet

Need to sort rows in sheet (table). For example sort by item id, but in the sheet.
If you add new rows, you cant sort them by column

What’s the purpose of needing data to be sorted in the table itself?

Just imagine 2400 items, 2400 rows originally sort by item id.















ITEM 998


ITEM 999


ITEM 2300


ITEM 2400

Every week i have to add Ă­tems and erase Ă­tems.

I add row but it goes to the last record. After several weeks y don´t remember if one item has been added or not. If the item id column were able to be sorted from A-Z ascending order, it would be very easy to know if one item id is repeated or not. Otherwise i am completely lost.

I use Glide tables, not Google sheets

Sorting a column should be a basic opcion in Glidde


The idea is that the data editor is made to store and process data. The layout editor displays the data including filtering and sorting it.

I’m not a developer, and I discovered this when I started Glide, and at the beginning, I too felt like sorting. I’ve grown to like that the table is raw untouched data. In Google Sheets, to do things neatly, really one tab should be your raw data, then in a second tab, you would duplicate your raw data and filter and sort the data. But most don’t do that and filter/sort on the raw data, which denatures the table and to me feels quite uncomfortable. I guess it’s a question of what one is accustomed to.

If really you want to sort ItemIDs in the data editor, you can. Create a lookup column that looks up your ItemIDs (the result will be a column of arrays), sort this array with the Sort Array column, and pick elements one by one from the sorted array by using a Single Value column.

Notice how the Name column is now sorted in the NameAscending column.

Your table could look similar to the following

Configuration of RowIndex

Configuration of NameAscending


I agree with @nathanaelb. There shouldn’t be much of a reason to sort the data in the table, because it is raw data. Glide has all kinds of sorting options on the front end. If you are building an app to work with this data, then your app front end should be doing the sorting, filtering, adding, editing, and deleting rows. Really, the only time you would have to worry about the table is when you are actively developing the app.


Sorting columns is a basic option in any software that works with tables. I see this problem in several forums and if at the programming level it is not difficult for you, you should implement this option urgently and you would improve the satisfaction of your customers.

the solutions you propose are detours to fix something that should be much simpler


I wish we could build applications with dummy data in the data editor, without ever seeing the application’s real user data. So in my view, in an ideal world, the data editor would be necessary to build data logic, not to actually view data. The data would be viewed in the layout editor or in the live version by those who have the right to view the data.

Based on this, sorting data in the data editor would be useless.

My request therefore to Glide: don’t allow us to sort data in the data editor, instead hide user data so developers can’t see it.