Sort rows from data source (for row limitations)

Hi, i am learning about row limitations and find them to be quite restrictive. Also cause the price is what it is for higher tiers. Was thinking of living with just 5000 rows and allowing older simply not to be accessible. This would be fine if the rows where sorted by created date. This way I would always see the newest 5000 rows in my app.
Though through my experience it doesn’t seem to be sorted this way. Anyone knows how it is sorted, and if it is possible to achieve what I want here?

If a table is referenced in any way by your Glide App, then ALL rows in that table are counted.
So the only way to do that would be to remove the older rows from your table/s.
Either delete them, or move them to another table that isn’t referenced by Glide.

What is your backend data source? Are you using Google Sheets, Glide Tables, AirTable, Excel?

Rows in the Glide Data Editor are not sorted in any way, so they will always appear in the order in which they were added, with newer rows appearing at the bottom. You do of course have several options for sorting and filtering data in the front end.

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