Glide automatically filtering data


I am adding data to a data-table using Airtable integration. The data in the lowest row is displayed in the top of my glide app so that new information is seen first by the user. When data is initially added all goes as expected, the newest data (last row) is displayed at the top of my screen. Then after a few moments, the data table within the glide website changes the cell to a random part of the sheet. It is doing this itself without altering the order of the data in the airtable. As a result the newest data is not at the top of the app, rather in some random spot. Any help would be great.


First I would double check the sorting of you list/collection to make sure it’s sorting how you expect. Second, due to the way the Airtable API works, Glide does not receive data from airtable in the same order that it is stored in airtable. I believe it’s a random order.

If you want to assure that your data remains sorted in the order you want, I would suggest writing the current datetime to the row when rows are added, and then sort your list/collection by that date column instead of sheet order.