Sorting rows in the Glide Editor with Airtable as the source

Hi Everyone.

I have moved majority of our Glide Apps and Pages to Airtable as a data source.

I am facing a issue where the Glide Data Editor isn’t displaying the rows in the order in the same sequence has the Airtable Table.

My use case is this:

We have a Vehicle Management app, where vehicles are handed over to different drivers on a daily basis. I have a relation from the Vehicle Handover table to the Vehicles table. Usually I would do a Single Value lookup from the relation, and choose the last row. This would then show who currently has the vehicle. But now with the rows not being in the same order as Airtable, pulling the last row in the Single Value lookup is not accurate.

I already have a work around going through Airtable, but personally it’s not as neat as through Glide.

So, it’s not a critical issue, but would just like to know if anyone has found a way around this.

What I would do is to have a timestamp column when vehicles are handed to drivers, and then use a rollup over the relation to find the latest timestamp. From that point, you can bring back the values you need from the timestamp you found to display as needed.

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