Help - I've just spent half an hour going around the same circles with the useless Glide Bot. How can I get the filter in a data sheet in the app to sort the same list order of the data sheet please

Okay Long Topic Title I know.

Here in lies the issue I am having… I am developing an app for a friend where months are set up in a specific order in the data sheet (based on the Aussie financial year. Which is i.e. July 2023 through to June 2024.

Okay the main data will sort by months and I’ve grouped by months

Screenshot 2023-10-23 231746

All good so far. However the filter for this specific data sheet then sorts alphabetically rather than via the months set

Screenshot 2023-10-23 231932

Herein lies the issue. The filter list sorts alphabetically rather than in the correct month order.

Is there a way I can get the filter to sort correctly please so my friend will find it easier to click the correct month filter.

I’d even settle for the calendar year type list if this will help.

The problem is the filters regardless of whether ascending or descending filter in alphabetical order within the filter feature rather than in the sheet order set.

Many thanks in advance

Hello! Where are you finding the Glide Bot? We’ve taken it down, as far as I know.

It’s still there on the Support Page (“Open Support Chat”)

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Hi David,

When I click on the ? mark in my account and then click support:

Honestly I tired a couple of the strategies and now I have to reset the medications list order yet again and the app is going app s… and showing the users name instead of the actual medication name under the image.

Please get rid of this bot and connect us to a human. I thought I would try again to use the bot because I couldn’t find the relevant information I needed in the documentation (which I must say, seeing you’re the CEO - leaves us newbies really scratching my head absolutely big time.) Thankfully there are some very, very generous people in the community who have helped me absolutely no end to sort some of the issues I have been dealing with which I’m very grateful for.

I simply didn’t want to wear them out and this My Medications app was virtually nearly finished except for a couple of features and now I’ve spent over an hour trying to sort out the mess that was created in the app due to that silly bot.

And, I was so proud of myself that this is the first app I up to this stage have been able to put together without the support and assistance of members of the Glide Community.

Some of the aspects are simple when one knows how but getting that information easily from the documentation and videos leaves I dare say more than me scratching my head absolutely big time.

Thanks for asking

Try the following:

  • Create a separate Glide Table called ‘Months’, with 2 columns: MonthName (text), MonthSortOrder (text), MonthSortOrder+Name (template)
    July | 1 | 1 July
    August | 2 | 2 August
    September | 3 | 3 September
    June | 12 | 12 June
  • Create a relation from the table that is the source of the collection you are filtering to the Months table.
  • With a lookup column, pull in the template column above.
  • Set the in-app filter along the ‘MonthSortOrder+Name’ value instead of the ‘Month’ value. It will look different but it might solve your issue easily.

It looks like the community forum is working! :wink:


Hi Nathanael B,

Many thanks for your response. Very greatly appreciated. I’ll give your suggestion a try however seeing that it is nearly 1am here in Aussie land, I will get back to you tomorrow after going to noddy land as to whether this sorts the issue.

Due to that silly bot I now have another problem re a different app which is a My Medications app, where the user’s name appears under the the medication image rather than the actual name of the medication and nothing that I can do appears to change it back to the way it was showing originally and all I wanted to do was have the allergic to information showing at the top of the screen regardless of the order this specific information was included. The app has literally gone app s… and I keep losing the actual settings and you name it and have now spent over 1.5 hours trying to sort this without success.

And the bit I’m most annoyed at is that I asked a friend of mine who is a full one dinky die website designer to test this app for me - I can imagine what her feedback is going to be!!!

At the tab level or the collection level, whenever you change the style (point 3 in the screenshot below), you will lose the settings of the collection. I agree with you, this is somewhat annoying, a warning message would be most welcome here.


Hi Nathanal B,
Many thanks for your response and screenshots. I did manage to get the drug names to reappear which is great. I have email is signed in user selected for all sheets in the app but now part of the app’s apes… is that whilst it appears that only the signed in user’s information only is showing, virtually all users info is accessible from the app.

And I’m blowed to understand why as it was working perfectly before. The only thing I can think of is that the app is remembering (so to speak) the sort setting the silly bot told me to use - Allergic To even though I changed it back to the basic sort selection.)

Oh well will just have to see what will work.

Many thanks for your response and suggestions and recommendation - very greatly appreciated.

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You can probably get it back to how it was or even better.

Another few tips before making major changes: depending on the extent of the changes and where they are, you can always duplicate actions in the Action Editor, components or tabs in the Layout Editor, tables and columns in the Data Editor, or even the entire app. I do this a lot. If I’m not 100% sure, am testing and don’t want to lose a setup that’s already working quite well, I will duplicate elements before I mess them up.

Hi David,
Yes, the Glide Community have some very wonderful people who give their expertise very generously, which is absolutely wonderful and I greatly appreciate them taking their time to give us newbies a whole heap of tips and strategies… However, and yes, this is the however, as a newbie I sure don’t want to wear these experts out. They definitely have given generously to me their time and expertise.
The thing is that they have their own businesses to run and apps to develop
I realise my account is a free account and I’m extremely impressed with how Glide has made a whole heap of features available to free account customers rather than hiding many of the workable featurs behind a pay wall and this is very greatly appreciated. This enables me to gain a really good insight of the capabilities of Glide. Maybe some sort of online chat support with a real human from Glide might be useful down the track. I understand that this costs Glide money, hell I worked in a call centre for over 5 years.
However, it would assist to either speak to someone via chat or have human response. I realise Glide is going down the AI path and this may or may not be a good thing. However Human intervention when it is all broken down is needed at times.
Many thanks

Hi Nathanael B,
Many thanks for the very excellent tip. Now that is one tip that is really worth doing with each new action etc. I think I have learnt my lesson big time!!!

Another wee question if I may. Is there any way in Glide to change the data sheet order? The reason I’m asking is when I set up the My Medications app I didn’t think at the time to set up a welcome page with the how to use the app video on this page when users log in. (Until yesterday!) and am wondering if I include a welcome page data sheet whether I can now change the order of the actual data sheets appears in the list to a totally different order please.

Many thanks

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I always try to imagine the rows in a table do not have an order by default. Of course, visually, one row is above another, so they feel sorted. And Glide does give you a ‘Sort by sheet order’ and ‘Sort alphabetically’ in the Layout Editor, which is kind. But the way I see it, it is up to us developers to add sort attributes (columns) in the table along which we will sort a collection. Sort alphabetically and sort by sheet order are just a luxury.

Let’s say you had the following table:

By default, Glide will offer sort options:

  • Alphabetical: Apple, Orange, Pear
  • Sheet order: Pear, Orange, Apple

How would you get the order ‘Orange, Apple, Pear’? In the table, add a ‘Sort’ basic text number column. In that column, insert numerical values to determine the sort order.
Pear | 3
Orange | 1
Apple |2

Developers start sort indexes from zero, so you could also do:
Pear | 2
Orange | 0
Apple |1

You could also use the indexes 20, 00 and 10. Or the letters c, a, and b. I hope you get the idea. Really, it’s more logical to use numbers, starting at 0 or 1 in increments of 1, that you will sort in ascending order.

Why a basic text column and not a basic number column? I’m not too sure, I tend to use number columns if I will actually use them to do math. Imagine a phone number or a social security number: the information is made of numbers, but no math will be performed on it. These objects are called numbers, but really they aren’t really numbers because a number is an object you perform math on. If a “number” will be used as text, I tend to store it in a text column. I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but developers might disagree.

EDIT: Jeff points out that it actually is important to use a numerical column for sorting. Explanation.

Finally, sort along this ‘Sort’ column in ascending order.

In short: create a ‘Sort’ text column, place your sorting numbers in this column, and sort along this column.


Just in case @nathanaelb answered the wrong question (even though his reply was excellent)…

  • If you’re wanting to re-arrange Tables in the Data Editor, you can drag and drop
  • If you’re wanting to re-arrange top level Screens/Tabs in the Layout Editor, you can also drag and drop.
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I often totally misunderstand questions. No wonder I got terrible grades in school!

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Hi Darren,
Many thanks for your response. Yes, Nathanael B gave an excellent response which I greatly appreciate. I also appreciate your response because I want to include a new datasheet for the welcome page and want this page to appear at the top of the data sheets so when the user clicks on the app, this is the screen with the welcome video and how to use the video shows before they get to the other screens.

Many thanks - I greatly appreciate all the help and support both Nathanael B and you have and are providing to me.

Hi Nathanal B,

Many, many thanks for your response - very greatly appreciated.

I will attach some screenshots to see whether I have undertaken what you advise correctly.

I created a data table:

Which includes a Sort Order Column; Look Up Column & Sort Order Template Column with the following settings:

Screenshot 2023-10-24 200555
Screenshot 2023-10-24 200653

Then what I did was go to the my medications data sheet and added the following columns:

Screenshot 2023-10-24 201024

Then went to the layout editor for My Medications and changed the sort order of the data sheet to Options and Sort Order and Selected: Medication Order Sort Template
Screenshot 2023-10-24 201310

Whilst the Allergic To : Warnings are at the top the remainder of the order is incorrect and it doesn’t matter whether I select Descending or Ascending

Screenshot 2023-10-24 202721

Hence I think there is still something I’m either not doing or doing incorrectly and am scratching my heard how to make the order in the layout view exactly reflect the order in the template sheet.

Penny for your thoughts? All ideas and suggestions very greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure why there are so many columns. Kind of got lost there.

Let’s take a step back and think this through. How would you sort words? Text sorting happens left to right alphabetically. Throwing a number at the end of a word is going to have little to no effect on sorting because the last characters are the least important. You start by considering the first letter, then the second, then the third, and so on. @nathanaelb was demonstrating two separate columns. Not a single column that merges a word with a number.

Also, what @nathanaelb mentioned about numbers being stored as text vs numbers isn’t entirely accurate. There are plenty of reasons to store numbers in a number column. In fact I recommend it if that column will only ever contain numbers. Using math on that number should not be the sole factor to consider whether it should be numeric or text column. A number represented with a text column is very very different than a column represented with a number column. If you were to sort these values (1, 5, 10), they would sort as (1, 5, 10) if they were numeric, but as text they would sort as (1, 10, 5). Text sorts left to right, so anything that starts with 1 will sorry before 5. Numbers sort numerically based on the size of the number. Text is stored left to right while never are stored right to left. They are very different, so consider that when choosing the column type.

In your Medication Type table, add a number column and give each row a number that corresponds to the sort order that you want for each medication type. Delete all other columns, because you don’t need then. That table should only need two columns. The medication type column and a sort number column. Make sure the sort column is numeric.

In your Medications Data table, get rid of those extra columns. Add a single relation column that links the medication type in that data to the medication type in the Medication Type table. Then add a Lookup column that retrieves the associated Sort value from the relation. Use that Lookup value to sort your collection.

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This makes a ton of sense. Thanks for the important insight, Jeff. Yet another bad habit I will need to change, easy enough hopefully because it makes so much sense.

Hi Jeff,
Many thanks for your response and suggestions. Unfortunately there is still something missing that I’m either not fully understanding or doing incorrectly.

In the Medications Type Data Sheet is now as follows - do I have this correct please:

Then in the My Medications Data Sheet I have the following as this was the only selection I could make:

Also the Medication Type Look Up Column:

However when I go to the My Medications sort feature in Layout, this is what I get: The medication type fields are not showing:

Screenshot 2023-10-25 000737

Even though I have added the Medication Type Look Up as part of the In App Filter

Screenshot 2023-10-25 000925

Which means the screen will not sort in the medication type order as set by the medications type data sheet

Have I somehow missed a step please. And the actual filter is all over the shop:

Screenshot 2023-10-25 001214

This is the main screen where the medications type fied shows.

However when I go to layout this is the screen I get

There appears to be no option to allow me to point the Medication Type data table to the my medications data table.

Penny for your thoughts please. Thanks heaps. Greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions