I am making a podcast app- Need help with relations

I added a “listen” button. Its supposed to take users to the episode list, but for reason every show the “listen” button takes users to the episodes by default. I want to create a relation were it takes users to specific episode list relating to the show.

I made a tab for every shows episode. Check it out: https://convi.glideapp.io/

When you give us only the link to the app it’s hard to see what may be broken since we can’t see how you have the relation set up or what the spreadsheet looks like. I can understand that you may not want to share the “recipe/secret sauce/proprietary info/etc.”, but without further info it is very difficult to give you any advice on how to fix it.

Hey George, I am new here.
Here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e9Q5fMc0DQLx1mnwU35Ars61dOJpQbU1O67de2eKXJ8/edit?usp=sharing


You are creating a link to screen button, correct? The problem is you are setting up the layout for each item in the home tab. Layouts are tied to sheets, so the layouts for each item are going to be the same, so a link to screen for one podcast is going to be the same link to screen for another podcast. This gets really complicated since you have podcasts on separate sheets instead of joined in one sheet. If they were joined together, then you could use relations to link the podcast to the list of episodes that are related to that podcast, but I suppose that’s a problem because you are using IMPORTFEED to get data. The link to screen button is just pointing to the last sheet you specified for that button.

There are a lot of ways to fix this:
One would be to use a query to join all the sheets together. I would make sure to add a column in each sheet first that uses a formula to fill in a Podcast name for each row that’s filled. Once you have everything in one sheet, then you can set up a relation and use the List Relation component to link to only the matching episodes for each podcast artist.
Another world be to split up your home sheet into separate sheets for each artist. The using your home sheet as a placeholder, create an inline list that points to each artist sheet, so it will appear like one list, but will actually be a several lists. Then you can design each artists page individually with a link to screen listen button that points to the correct sheet.
Another option is to set up a relation column to each episodes sheet, then set up a List Relation component for each relation. Only the List Relation component with a value that matches the value in the sheet with matching episodes should show.
There’s probably lots of other ways to do this this, but here’s a few. My vote would be the first option, since it makes things easier when similar data is together in one sheet.


Thanks Jeff!

I will try the first option, what formula can I use to create the query to join all the sheets together?

Here you go:

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I made a sheet called “Todos los episodios” with the query and the list relation but for some reason the button still doesnt work.
In the image you can see that the list relation was able to find some of them shows.

Can you try using a List Relation component instead of a button? that way the List Relation can use the relation you set up in the Data tab. I don’t think you can use a relation with a button.

In your data, do you expect some of the relations to be empty (Cafe con Victor for example)? If it’s supposed to be filled, you may have to check to make sure the spelling matches for the relation and there are no extra spaces.

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It worked! Thank you!

One more question: how can I limit every show to have only 10 episodes?

If you share the formula you ultimately used to build your sheet, I can tell you for sure, but assuming that you are using the =Query({Sheet1!A2:G, Sheet2!A2:G, Sheet3!A2:G}... and assuming that the newest episodes are always at the top, you could change your range for each sheet to be a set number of rows =Query({Sheet1!A2:G11, Sheet2!A2:G11, Sheet3!A2:G11}... That should give you just the top 10 rows from each sheet.

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thank you!

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