I'm a bit confused with relations

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to create a column that will show which songs belong to which artist. The goal is so I can have a list on the artists details page showing just their songs.
Are relations the best way of this? I’m a bit confused, could someone give me a nudge in the right direction? :slight_smile:

Here are screenshots of my spreadsheet.

Yes! Did you try creating the relation in the data editor?

I did indeed!
I followed the tutorial video that talks about Locations and Employees and tried applying it to my instance, but it’s not giving back the results I want.
Maybe I’m not setting it up correctly?

Hm, seems it had maybe cached an older version of my sheet?
I deleted my app, and loaded my sheet into a fresh one and now it’s working!

Horray for the simple things!

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That looks right, it just uses the leftmost column value to preview each relation, which is why you’re seeing timestamps.