Relating a Category to a List of Episodes to a List of Videos with Details

Hi folks,

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and staying safe and healthy with everything going on! I’ve been going through as many threads as I can find on here to understand how to get this to work, but haven’t been able to find a resolution.

I’m trying to set up a tab within the app that follows the structure below:

Category → Episodes → Videos → Details for each video (screenshots attached, 3 columns for first are highlighted and then there’s “Details” in the 2nd screenshot)

I have all of this information within one tab already, but I can’t seem to get a relation that brings back the correct inline list(s). It’s making me question if that’s even the correct method to employ since I already have all of the data that I want in this tab within a single sheet.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to tackle this? Would appreciate any insight as this may just be a simple fix, but I’m not finding it.

Thanks in advance!

Can you copy out that sheet only and give me a link here? I will take time to try it.

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Hi ThinhDinh! Thanks for offering to help out again. I put together a copy with the 4 columns (columns M to P) and the rest of the columns are details related to that video link in column P. Let me know if any of that is confusing. Again, the flow I would envision is:

Category --> Episode --> Video Title --> Video Link

I included the “Episode” column because I think it’s necessary to make a relation to the category and then the proceeding link to the video, but I’d prefer to have the “Video Title” displayed since it describes what that episode is about.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense and I can clarify. Thanks again for taking a look!

EDIT: there’s also details within each of the rows that describes the video link…I would be putting these in the screen that would be clicked on when the “Video Title” is clicked…the “Video Link” is simply a component within that next screen once the “Video Title” is click / tapped.

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I have made an example of how it would look. Is this what you want?


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Yep! Looks like you got the relation / inline list to work and from there it’s easy to add all the details as components. Are you able to get the clips within the specific episodes as well? Tough for me to tell from the video

Sorry I’m on a call now, can you try previewing it themselves on my test app. Thank you.

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Of course! Just tested it and if you click on “This Week in Startups” and episodes 1018 and 1017, for example, the three 1018 clips should be part of that one 1018 tile. The two 1017 clips would be a part of one 1017 tile.

After clicking on “E1018 #AskJason”, for example, we would want the 3 videos to show up in a list and then when one of those videos are clicked on, the components would be added to detail each of the videos.

Same thing for the two videos relating to E1017 and so on.

In other words, I think it needs an additional relation for each episode’s videos so people can navigate one step further. Does that make sense?

Take a look at Multi-Level Select in The key is to build templates for your relations if you need to go multiple levels deep.


Can you check again? I have just added the episodes.

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Yep that’s it! Do you have a recommendation on how to approach it with relations that I wasn’t getting earlier?

Hi @Jeff_Hager - didn’t realize there was a step for this one on the concepts glideapp. Will definitely have to check that one out and apply it to my glideapp. Thanks!


Yeah try out Jeff’s concept, my solution is based on it as well. Sorry I’m not on the computer anymore, when I come back I will share the details of my solution and how to automatically get image thumbnails if you need them.


Check out how I make three sheets here:

Level 1: Category
Level 2: Episodes
Level 3: Videos

In Level 1, I make a relation to the Episodes sheet.


In Level 2, I make a template joining the Category and the Episodes value, then use that column to make a relation to the Videos sheet. Make sure you also create a same template column in Level 3 to make the relation work.




In the Videos sheet, I used some arrayformulas to generate the videos’ ID and its thumbnail image.


Hi ThinhDinh, this is incredibly helpful! Clarification question…

When you say Levels 1, 2, & 3…are those different sheets? If possible, it would be super helpful if I could copy the test app so I can backtrack to what you’re doing with these individual sheets since I’m struggling with the Level 2 template + relation since I’m only able to grab one or the other (Episode or Category)

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