Can i connect 3 columns?

On the video tutorial “build a conference app” i have a question. With all of the feedback i got to better my app( which is kind of the same as your app above but in a different field), i am trying to figure out how to move from categories to speaker to the talks from that speaker in that category. Basically, if i click on one category, in that category there are speakers, and if i click on a specific speaker, i want to see the talks from that speaker only in that category. I see speakers and talks have related columns, so do talks and categories but categories and speakers do not

Yep, you’ll just have to relate the speakers sheet back to the talks sheet and insert an inline list component on the details page for the speaker.

i did that but it gives me all of the talks the particular speaker does. I don’t want all of the talks the speaker does, i want only the talks related to the category. i want it to be: click categories----> choose a category( ex: cat 1)-----> in cat 1, choose a speaker(ex: spk1)----->see only the talks that spk 1 does related to the cat 1

Check out the Multi-Level Select example in I think that might be similar to what you are looking for. Templates with relations are your friend.