A tricky case of inline lists on my conference app 🙏

Never doubt that there are many smart folks in our Glide community! :grinning: So I came here to ask for help!

(:warning:Long and confusing posting…)

Imagine two cases that usually you can see at a conference:

1. One presentation has two or more speakers

2. One speaker has two or more presentations

Let’s look at them one by one. For the :one: case, I want to show the presentation info, as well as info of two or more speakers. My idea was to create an inline list to show the info of the speakers so each speaker is clickable. When you click on it, you will be directed to the profile tab of each speaker, as shown below:


It is fairly easy to achieve this goal: simply split speakers (Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas & Rosana Dolón-Herrero) into two individuals and link these two individuals (1.Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas; 2. Rosana Dolón-Herrero) to one presentation. Here inline list comes in handy, as displayed below on my spreadsheet:

For the :two: case, it’s trickier. How to display two or more presentations on the profile tab of single speaker? For example, our speaker Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas has two presentations at the conference: one with her co-author (see the :one: case above); and another on her own (see below).

As we might guess, inline list will be of help since there is one-to-two relation. But the problem here is that the presentation by Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas & Rosana Dolón-Herrero is different from the one by Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas. Note that the first presentation has two speakers, so I split the speakers into two individuals and also linked the individual Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas to the presentation. Thus I can see two presentations on her profile tab when clicking on her name. But how to link her second presentation on her profile? Like this:

With this pic, you might wonder: if I already got what I wanted, why do I come over again to ask for help? Please hang on a minute. This result wasn’t easy for me. It took me days to figure it out! Here is what I did on the spreadsheet:

I added another inline list for the second presentation, so basically there are two inline lists with the header of second pre hided. As you can the highlighted box above, I used “Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas” (under the column “2nd presentation=Program:Speaker(s):Multiple”) to successfully link her single-authored presentation to her first co-authored presentation. At the same time, I used “Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas & Rosana Dolón-Herrero” to successfully link her co-authored pre to her single-authored pre.


FINALLY, I’m going to show my problem: there are two “Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas” (Jesus, I hate Ana!) in my speaker list:

But I can’t delete neither of them, because…

:pray::pray:I hope some genius could come up with a great idea to solve my problem. Many thanks in advance!

It might be helpful to see the spreadsheet of this app:

I had a similar issue on a conference app. I created a 2nd field for “co-presenter” and had two lists that displayed under each other. To get the full list of presenters, I made another sheet that used the UNIQUE function to gather one value for each presenter (use an arrayformula to bring in all values to first two columns then have the Unique formula in the 3rd.

It’s all about how you display the data and which list you select for a particular view.

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Would it help to use an array of columns? So like @kyleheney suggested, create a second column, but you would name the columns ‘Speaker 1’ and ‘Speaker 2’. This will automatically create a virtual ‘Speaker’ column that Glide will see. That virtual column can be used for relations. Just looking quickly, I think this would make sense to do on your Program sheet. This should allow you to create a relation from each individual speaker to each program that they are an individual or paired up speaker. This should also allow a relation from Program to all speakers for that program, whether there are 1 or 2 speakers.

Here another thread where this method was used:

Hi @kyleheney @Jeff_Hager,

Thanks for the help! Not sure if I fully understand your reply. I named columns ‘Speaker1’, ‘Speaker2’, and so on, but Glide seems not be able to generate the parent name ‘Speaker’. Don’t know what is going on here… But drawing on the inspiration from you, I think I solved the duplication problem. In the ‘Program’ sheet, I duplicated the ‘Speaker1’, ‘Speaker2’, ‘Speaker3’ columns: the first ‘Speaker1’, ‘Speaker2’, ‘Speaker3’ columns help the pre info of ‘Speaker’ sheet link back; while the second ‘Speaker1’, ‘Speaker2’, ‘Speaker3’ columns serve to link to the profile tab of each individual speaker. Please see my Google Sheet for my details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C9i82sebUGrOGlu9dIpXj-yWsAiqAPN42PVoPey4dp0/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks again!

You should have a space between Speaker and the number. So ‘Speaker 1’ instead of ‘Speaker1’.

I left space for ‘Speaker’ and number, but it didn’t work for me, probably because I applied inline list function on them :thinking:

You have duplicates of all the speaker columns, which is probably causing problems. I would get rid of the second set of relation columns and set up a new relation in Glide. Your should be able to set up the new relation using ‘Speaker’.

Or give one set of columns a different name.

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Hi. I’m struggling with this same issue. I have one speaker presenting two different sessions at my conference. They show up twice in the speaker list. And, when I click on either of the speaker’s talks, even though they’re the only speaker, at the bottom, two of their pictures and names from the speakers lists appear.

I tried @Jeff_Hager’s relation suggestion but am still getting duplicates. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, @cata

In the sheet of speaker list, you create the single column called Presentation=Program:Speaker 1:Multiple if both pres of that speaker are first-authored (if one of the pres is made by that speaker as a second-author, you can create a second column called Presentation of co-authored2=Program:Speaker 2:Multiple, as I did in the following screenshot)

How do Ana’s three pres look like in Speakers tab

In the Program sheet, under the column Speaker 1, put Ana’s full name corresponding to her two pres (row 5 and 6, ignore row 16 since it doesn’t fit your case), so that in the sheet Speakers speaker’s name can be linked back to the all her presentations.

How does Ana’s 1st pre (first-authored) look like in Program tab

How does Ana’s 2nd pre (single-authored) look like in Program tab

How does Ana’s 3rd pre (second-authored) look like in Program tab

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Incredibly helpful! Thank you so much, @gangyao!

I hope it’s okay to hijack… My issue really is so similar and I think I’m missing something obvious maybe… If someone can help? Mine is a conference app as well. I have a speaker and a speaker 2 and they both show up fine on the sessions layout. They also all show up in the list of speakers. But if a speaker is “speaker 2” none of the sessions show up under their name. If they had their own sessions as speaker 1, those show up.

Here’s an example… This session lists two presenters:

The first presenter shows a lot of sessions under her name.

Literally every single one of those sessions listed is ALSO a session of the second presenter. But one you look at the second presenter, the only session you see under HER name is the session she’s teaching by herself and therefor speaker 1:

I used links to my screenshots since I’m a new user and can only post 1 image. :frowning:
What did I miss? Please and thanks!

Did you check the first screenshot in my last post? Copy it here:

Take a look at the co-author of Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas: Rosana Dolón-Herrrero. I created a column called Presentation of co-author2=Program: Speaker 2:Multiple for all the second authors and link them back to Program sheet. Basically, you put the author’ name in the column where corresponds to his or her presentation order. That is, if he or she is only a second presenter of that session, just put his or her name in the second column: Presentation of co-author2=Program: Speaker 2:Multiple and leave first column and third column (if applicable) blank. If he or she has several presentations (either as first presenter or second presenter), fill both columns with his or her name, as the case of Ana Belen Cabrejas-Peñuelas.

Hope this makes sense for me.

But the problem is the fact that the second presenter’s list of sessions only shows where she is first presenter. If she isn’t ever first presenter, her session list is empty. On the session page, her name does appear as presenting that session, but not on HER page.

Are you using an array column like I mentioned earlier in this thread? Using ‘Speaker 1’ and ‘Speaker 2’ for your column names, you can set up your relation to point to the joined ‘Speaker’ array column that Glide creates.

Yes that’s why I’m confused. On the session sheet, I have a speaker and a speaker 2. And they both reference the speaker list. And it shows up correctly on the session layout with both speakers there. It’s just on the speaker list itself that is wrong. On the speaker’s individual screen, where it should show all of their sessions underneath, it will not show any sessions for which they were entered in as speaker 2.

How is that possible? In my case, the only pre that Rosana Dolón-Herrero has is the one where she is as second presenter. But when clicking on the her page, I still got her session info. See below:

yes, but are your columns sequentially named/numbered ‘Speaker 1’ and ‘Speaker 2’? Without the numbers properly inserted in the column names, you won’t get the array column of ‘Speaker’ to use for the relation.

Okay that must be part of the issue then. I renamed the Speaker column to Speaker 1. Then suddenly a new column appears called Speaker when I went to the Data screen and it showed both speakers in there. It’s definitely pulling from Speaker 1 and Speaker 2. But… well, now how do I put the data on the session sheet? I had it as two separate relations - one to the Speaker (now Speaker 1) reference called Speaker Ref, and one to Speaker 2 reference called Speaker2 I deleted both of those references since I had one now that contained both, but I don’t know how to add them to my session list. If I add just as basic text, I can’t make it so when they’re clicked on it goes right to that speaker. If I put back the references, it’s goes back to the original problem where the speaker only shows what they had as a Speaker 1.

With that new reference column appearing, I feel closer to the fix… Thank you for sticking with me… Can I interest you in a Starbucks for just a little more time? :upside_down_face:

My speakers are all only showing the sessions that they have where they are Speaker 1. If they are a Speaker 2, those sessions doesn’t show up on their list. So it’s not working like yours. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. The why :frowning:

Just set up the relation like you did before, but instead of using the single speaker 1 (originally speaker) column, use the array Speaker column. You only need one relation now instead of two.