A tricky case of inline lists on my conference app 🙏

The Speaker (with 1 or 2) isn’t showing up as an option in the dropdown for relation component. Only Venue. And now Speaker 1 Ref and Speaker 2 Ref since I added them back. But it was just Venue Ref
even though I can SEE the new one on the data sheet.

I’m sorry. I appreciate you. Thank you!

Can you show a screenshot of relation column settings? You should only have one relation (Speaker Ref) but it looks like you added 2 relations instead. Delete those 2 relations and create only one using the Speaker array column.

I do have the relations column you’re talking about, but I can’t put that column on the sessions layout. The first screenshot on my previous messages shows the column that was created for me. I can’t add anything from that. The second screen shot is what I can select from when I try to add to my sessions layout. The Speaker (ref that was created for me) isn’t an option. When I try to create a new one that connects to the Speaker column, it only shows the first speaker, not both.

Here’s the new column I created (called Test Speaker). Only Speaker 1 is showing. That’s why I have the Speaker 1 ref and Speaker 2 ref. Because until I can get something to show both, I need this work around. Unfortunately, this app is being shared out tomorrow. It’s far from perfect but I have to at least have that part. :frowning: This is why I’m so confused. I feel like I did everything right but… still no go.

Do you have Multiple selected on your ‘Test Speaker’ relation column? Otherwise it will only pull back a single row. You need to select multiple to pull back multiple rows. Then that will open up for you to use the Test Speaker relation on an inline list. Inline List and List Relation components only work with a Multiple relation. The Relation component only works with a single relation.

Thanks so much, Jeff! That fixed the problem of the array and so now on the sessions layout I can see both speakers with a single reference to speaker relationship. YES!!

BUT, my original problem remains. Speakers that show up in Speaker 2 don’t show those sessions on their own speaker layout.

Here is a session with two speakers:

Kasey Bechtold is in the Speaker 1 field and Lori Gray is in the Speaker 2 field. Both show up just fine. Now, when I go to Lori Gray’s speaker screen:
That session called ELAR - Digging Into the TEKS isn’t in her list. Nor any of the other nine sessions that she co-presents. The only one that shows up is the session where Lori teaches by herself. This is the same for all presenters that appear in the Speaker 2 column. None of those sessions show up in their lists. ONLY sessions where they are the solo presenter show up.

I’m afraid to add categories to the sessions as was requested because it will follow the same concept… Any more ideas? I really do appreciate you!

It would be the same thing, but in reverse. Now you only need to set up a relation in the speaker sheet to link the speaker name to the speaker array column in the session sheet.

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I did. Still have the original problem. The sessions that a speaker is listed as 2 doesn’t show up in that speaker’s list. Their names are on the sessions. The sessions aren’t under their names.

Can you show the details of the relation column you have in your speakers sheet?

Jeff, you are a king! Thank you! I went to my speakers screen and THAT was where the problem was. I didn’t relate back to the right place on sessions. THANK YOU for your patience and persistence. You rock!